Landmark is one of Louisiana’s most innovative leaders in quality long term care and often exceeds the expectations one might have of a nursing facility.  With beautifully landscaped grounds, we offer amenities to be enjoyed inside the building on a rainy day and outside in the sunshine.

Amenities Our Families and Residents Enjoy:

Our amenities include carpeted private and semi-private suites, arts and crafts center, a beautiful in-house chapel, extensive rehabilitation and fitness gym, “The Ouachita” cinema, elevated flower and vegetable gardens, and multiple day rooms ideal for a quiet afternoon show, a lively college ball game or an evening of cards or dominoes.

The Dining Experience

We understand that dining is one of the little pleasures in life. Our Dietary Manager, in cooperation with a Registered Dietitian, brings expertise that makes mealtime an enjoyable experience. Nutritious and appealing food, combined with good company, makes every meal special. Soups and salads are available, and we accommodate residents with special diets. Our staff is always available to assist those who need help.

While we are indeed proud of our facility and all of the amenities we offer, we know that what counts most in a nursing facility is resident care. Quality resident care is no accident. It is the result of thorough training, hard work, and constant supervision. It is the result of a team of professionals committed to Improving Quality of Life.