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Landmark is conveniently located in a quiet residential area of West Monroe, just minutes away from hospital services, doctors’ offices and the offices of other health care professionals. The warm and friendly atmosphere experienced here demonstrates why Landmark enjoys the outstanding reputation it has developed over the years – a reputation based upon our belief that what counts most in a nursing facility is resident care.

Quality Care

At Landmark, we know quality resident care is no accident. It is the result of thorough training, hard work, and a constant goal of improvement. It is also the result of a team of professionals committed to providing the very best in quality care. Our facility is one of Louisiana’s most innovative leaders in quality long term care and is continually working to upgrade and improve its services. This innovative spirit is evidenced by Landmark being one of the first facilities in our area to have an in-house nurse practitioner, leading our profession in electronic medical records, or simply by adding computer systems that are physically interactive and mentally engaging for our residents.


Our amenities include carpeted private and semi-private suites, arts and crafts center, a beautiful in-house chapel, extensive rehabilitation and fitness gym, “The Ouachita” cinema, elevated flower and vegetable gardens, and multiple day rooms ideal for a quiet afternoon show, a lively college ball game or an evening of cards or dominoes.


Our rehabilitation programs – including physical, speech and occupational therapy – offer residents the opportunity to return to their greatest degree of independence based on a care plan tailored to their specific needs.  

Landmark’s physical therapists can help restore the range of motion, balance, strength, coordination and functional mobility that allows patients an improved quality of life; while our speech therapists evaluate and rehabilitate swallowing disorders, language, speech, written and verbal communication and verbal memory problems. Our occupational therapy provides patient-specific training for activities of daily living such as feeding, dressing, bathing and meal preparation.

At Landmark Nursing and Rehabilitation Center of West Monroe, LLC, we are committed to Improving Quality of Life.